Drum Comm was founded in 2001 by two art directors who were looking for new challenges and wanted to carry out projects with personality and purpose.

We have the structure of an advertising agency but we decided to adopt a creative studio format working like a "factory of ideas" with an intelligent, fast and lean decition making process. We like to work with people and companies that value people and emotions and our great passion is to make dreams come true.

During this time we built partnerships and the experience brought us the refinement and security allowing us to make the best choices delivering the best solutions.



Fernanda is an art director, graduated in advertising from PUC and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, having as her teacher Professor Milton Glaser, one of the geniuses of graphic arts in the world and creator of the brand " I Love NY " .

She worked as a publicist in New York and brought all her experience to Brazil where she worked in major agencies in the areas of advertising, and graphic design.

In 2001 she decided to have new challenges, became an entrepreneur and founded Drum Comunicação, taking advantage of her knowledge, talent and her passion for visual arts.


Fernanda is specialized in scenography, merchandising and event production for the entertainment and corporate market.

A childhood dancer and former ballet teacher, her hobby is dancing and playing the drums.


gutje woortmann

Nomadic since childhood Gutje traveled the world following his father, an anthropologist.
He was literate in the United States, lived in Germany and England, where he lived the counter-culture movement, lived with the Bororo Indians in Brazils rain forest, experienced the most diverse cultures and
graduated in advertising.

Passionate with music and visual arts, at the age of 25 he  already had produced and recorded three albums at Universal Records with his rock band Plebe Rude, won a gold record from ABPD (Brazilian Association of Recording Producers), made a short film awarded at the Brasília Film Festival and the sky became the limit.

As an art director specialized in production design and visual experiences for events he founded Drum Comunicação in 2001 transforming one more dream into reality.

His favorite sport is windsurfing, to balance body, mind and soul and connect with nature.

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